Cold Collection by Exquisite Fleur Design (Winter 2015)



Winter Collection by Exquisite Fleur Design

(2015 Post Magazine Editorial Shoot)


This is a new design we are showcasing for the winter months! A fresh pop of color using a whiCold Collection Officialte and wood pallet promises to mCold Collection with Logo 1 you feel the warmth of the winter season.  A touch of fur is added to unique positions in the design including on the cold lightly tethered  wood and on distinct selections of petal in the bride’s bouquet makes this collection very unique and perfect for the client looking for luxury and unique elegance! We look forward to hearing form you and your opinion on this new design collect solely found at Exquisite Fleur Design. Even though this is a sneak peak of our work on this display, we will soon be sharing the full bridal collection after it’s publication in an upcoming bridal magazine. Stay tuned!


Some feel the winter required a wash of all colors especially the bright flash of yellow CC Beaded 2and pink.  We beg to differ.  We find that the coldCC Yellow 2 season is a perfect time to include a true pop of warmth and bright elegance. These fresh roses are accented by the deep browns and absolutely gorgeous green of the spider mums makes the winter seem like a perfect time to enjoy a fresh and crisp color.  Out is the season where cold means dull and grey! We interpret the winter as fresh, crisp and full of life!  For more of these fresh new ideas on seasonal floral interpretations feel free to find us on facebook! The following link is a perfect place to start::  See you on the other side of winter!

 CC Maid of Honor OfficialCC Yellow 3CC Brides Bouqet 1 Official